About Us

Cordesign Lighting has developed a way for Architects, Builders, Designers & Consumers alike to be provided with the type of lighting for which everyone is searching. We understand that lighting can be the most important factor when it comes to bringing your project to life. Cordesign Lighting provides style, functionality and superior performance to suit your lighting needs.

Cordesign Lighting has many sources, sizes and coordinating accessories available to bring your decorative elements into co-existence. Working with both residential and commercial applications as well as interior and exterior use, enables us to bring you the full spectrum of illumination.

In today’s time, the reflection of one’s lifestyle to the next will not always be the same. Trends have given rise from antique and traditional to contemporary and the now ever-popular gas lighting. Choosing the right type of lighting for the right environment is prominent in design.

We, at Cordesign Lighting, have given much consideration to the needs of our clients and know that our expertise will enable your complete satisfaction. You can even provide us with a set of prints and/or digital photography and let us specify the proper layout.

Success is built one client at a time.